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Thanks to all of your very generous contributions, large and small, personal and financial, Palomacy rescued 336 birds (directly) in 2016, placed 199 into amazing (non-exploitive) forever homes, helped countless others across the country (and beyond) with our coaching, referrals and education. We begin 2017 with 124 birds in our foster care, a waiting list of many more who need our help and unfortunately a $8284 deficit. The world needs more Palomacy and we need your help to provide it.


Our volunteers and fosters contribute so much to the rescue work we do- they provide transport, food, supplies and often their own cages and even aviaries but we still have expenses and this year they've gone up 10% while our revenue dropped 9% and we are in the red. Please make a donation today to help us continue this life-saving, culture-changing work!



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